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Graphic Design Projects

Good evening to you all. I have been absent for quite some time due to studying for my finals and I am truly sorry about that. I designed the following graphic design projects for an assignment and I received really... Continue Reading →

Some of My Paintings

Good Evening to all of you. I haven't made anything recently, BUT, I came across some photos of my paintings and I thought I should share them with you, so that when you think you are a shitty artist, you... Continue Reading →

International Worker’s Day: We need to stop being arrogant.

Good morning people. Today, I wanted to write something different on my blog, that I've been thinking about for a long time. Yesterday was International Worker's Day (in the US and Canada International Worker's Day is celebrated in September). It... Continue Reading →

Patchwork bag from upcycled clothes

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted here, -sorry about that, life happened- but I came back with this beautiful patchwork bag that I made for whom? MYSELF OF COURSE. Because I'm worth it So I gathered... Continue Reading →

Ip Man Costume

  Hello everyone! This morning I finished the Ip Man costume that I was working on. I made this for my Kung Fu teacher. Ι have also made a Kung Fu costume for me, you can check it out at my... Continue Reading →

Long Hooded Knit Jacket

Hello again and excuse me for the late post! Among other projects that I had going on these past few days, I made this beautiful, elegant and reaaaally soft knit jacket for my best friend. She wanted it to be... Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Tutorial: Fabric Basket

Hello again! Going through some frustrating cold or flu at the moment, I thought it was a good time to make something easy and quick, a beginner's project for those of you who are interested in learning how to sew!... Continue Reading →

Velvet Dress: Tutorial & Pattern

Hello everyone! I'm back. This weekend I was working on a dress which I was asked by a close friend to make, for her sister. She gave me her measurements and I started designing the pattern immediately. The pattern is available on... Continue Reading →

DIY Wallet

Hello people! I was asked by a friend to make a custom wallet with an elephant applique on the outside. I saw various DIY wallets and I ended up doing this one (which also has a tutorial): Wallet Tutorial DIY Continue Reading →

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