I thought this skirt was going to be ready at least 3 days ago but oh well. Life happens.

As I mentioned on Facebook, it took me a lot of time to make these butt(on)holes and sew the buttons. At first, I was planning on putting fabric on my buttons (I do not really know how this techinque is called) but I couldn’t, because my fabric was too thick. I think it looks cool either way!

Below I am sharing the making of this skirt. It is a pretty easy, basic skirt. The only thing that makes it stand out is its buttons and the points of the belt, it makes it more victorian or gothicas I promised.

First, you are going to need 2 rectangles of fabric, (aproximately 1 x 1 m) and another piece of fabric for your skirt. (appriximately 1,5 x 0,25 m)


Find the edge of your fabric and cut that part that looks different from the rest of it (see below).DSC_0065DSC_0066

In some fabrics, both sides are right and you can use whichever you like best, usually the darkest one is the right and the lighter, the wrong. I also went with the dark here and marked it, so that I don’t make any mistakes.


Make sure to find the right shade of thread for your garment. Mine was Madame Tricotte De Paris 69 (heh).


I, then, marked the side that I was going to gather like this:


Then, I measured my waist, I have a pretty small circumference, it is 68cm.


Then, I did some math to find out how big the belt should be. Usually, pants or skirts have 2-4 cm wearing ease. If you are sewing elastic, prefer 2 cm. ( I divided by 4 because my front pieces divide in the middle to make the button thing).


Then, I grabbed a useless newspaper (most of them are useless) and designed my belt, as I wanted something different. If you want a regular belt for your skirt, simply draw a rectangle.


Then I placed by pattern of the fabric. Here I made some mistakes. I didn’t cut the pieces correctly and then I had to take a piece that I had left aside for pockets to fix that mistake.


Cut 2 times the pieces of your belt, as it is going to be steadier and looke better on your belly. Some ever use Vlieseline, but here the fabric is too thick and I didn’t need that.


Place your pieces, right sides together and sew.


Do the same for the other 3 belt pieces, and then sew all of them right sides together on the other 3 pieces, that you previously sewed. Then turn the belt inside – out.


Now, time for the gathering. Not the band, the actual gathering I mean.


On your sewing machine, pick the longest stitch, lower the tension, (in some cases some slight zigzag might help) and do a stitch on the side that you are going to do the gathering.


Then, gently start pulling the back thread (or the front, for me, the back just works better), until your gathered piece reaches the desirable width (for example, if your belt should be 70 cm and you are gathering the back piece of the skirt, the width inluding the gathering should be 35 cm, and then 35 for the front).


Then, tie the end of the threads so that it doesn’t go back to its original shape.


Sew the sides of your gathered rectangles together.

Place your belt pieces on top of the gathered pieces like this and sew.


This is what it looked like by then:


Then pin the top of your belt like this:


Turn the rough edges inside and pin. (This is from the inside of the skirt)




Sew! I used a thick jeans needle for this part because the other ones would break, for sure, as I was working on many layers of thick fabric.


I did a blind hem for the bottom. You can do a regular one, but the blind hem looks more formal.


And then I made the buttonholes, and sewed the buttons. I didn’t capture the process of that Because I looked something like this:


Anyway here it is finished, clearly needed ironing but it was 2 am.


These last ones show the color of the skirt correctly:

‘Till next week have fun and let me know what you think!