Last week I was wandering through the cold streets of Ioannina (not so cold but it is pretty cold for September), and I passed by a local yarn shop.

I picked up a couple of needles and some yarn and started knitting the simplest scarf in the world.

Well, before that of course I spend my days on Pinterest and Youtube trying to learn to knit. I can assure you when you don’t have needles, air-knitting is not so stress-relieving as actual knitting.

Anyway, I casted on 40 stitches and decided that I would make it as simple as possible, since it was my first knitting project and I had to find the right tension. I did one row knit stitch, one row purl stitch. Later on, I found out that to avoid curling in the edges, on your purl row, you need to knit the first and last stitch. That helped a lot, it gave my work a nice structure.


My yarn was 170 m so it would be enough to make a whole scarf out of it. Turns out it wasn’t because I made it pretty wide. It has this really nice ombre effect as you can see.


When I finished it I pressed it with a wet towel on top (this is called “blocking” fyi) to make it even and stop the curling as much as possible.


Because It turned out short, I added a little something to make it more stylish, and disguise its “deformity”. I added a nice red button on top of a burgundy ribbon and gave it a “Victorian” look.


I have already planed 9-10 projects for my blog, and all of them are inspired by the Victorian Era. They involve velvet, ruffles, tartan and (faux) leather with some embroidery details.

I already have most of the supplies needed and hope to get started next week!

As always let me know what you think and suggest ideas for me as projects! I’m all ears! (I am not all ears, that’d be weird)

‘Till next time, stay close!