Good Evening to all of you.

I haven’t made anything recently,

BUT, I came across some photos of my paintings and I thought I should share them with you, so that when you think you are a shitty artist, you can look at them and feel better! (kidding)

(no, seriously though)



Random Girl.

That is a pin-up girl that I saw in a magazine and I thought It would be cool to paint.

That is a self-portrait. Or at least I tried to make it a self-portrait.

Again, a girl in a magazine.

A girl with a bat.

Portrait of one of my best friends.

A sad girl.

And a stressed girl.

All of them (except my self-portrait) are done with really cheap watercolor. I really like painting with it so I’m thinking of investing on a bigger and better palette.

What do you think of my work? Which one do you like the most? Which one don’t you?

Let me know!