Good morning people.

Today, I wanted to write something different on my blog, that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Yesterday was International Worker’s Day (in the US and Canada International Worker’s Day is celebrated in September). It is also a celebration of spring and many of us  have small trips and dinners with our families etc., but let us not forget the importance of this day.

On May 4, 1886, and the previous days, labor demonstrations took place in Chicago that requested an 8-hour work day and their salary to remain the same (which was already ridiculously small for most of the workers). The previous day, the police killed several workers and as they were approaching the demonstration on Haymarket Affair, on May 4, trying to stop the peaceful demonstration, a bomb was thrown at them. A lot of demonstrators and police officers were wounded that day, and several anarchists were later convicted and sentenced to life in prison and death . One prisoner committed suicide in prison and four others were executed.

You can read more about the Haymarket affair here.

The following years were full of suspicion for anarchists and some of the biggest american newspapers wrote very misleading articles on what happened that day.

The important is, that today, most of us are able to have better work conditions due to those people. I never took for granted their effort and sacrifice and even though I am surely at a better position than them, I will always thank and pay tribute to protestors that changed our lifes for good.

And that is something that we should all do.

One of the reasons that I started sewing and DIYing as many things as possible, is because of the respect that I have for worker’s rights. Why I said that “we need to stop being arrogant” on the title? Because buying stuff from companies that use child labour and slavery to make billions of money and keep up with our consumerism greed is just wrong on so many levels.

Many people say “If one person stops buying from them, it is not going to make a difference”. But it is. It is like cellular reproduction. One cell becomes two, two become four, eight, sixteen etc.


Plus, it is just pure arrogance to buy something that supports a company that doesn’t care about worker’s rights. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be that person that hems your H&M shirts? Not being able to eat, clean yourself and get a decent rest so that YOU can have 20 cheap and fancy shirts instead of 5 expensive ones?

Recently, I read articles about slavery and child labor that most of the big “cheap clothing” companies use. I was shocked. If you want to dress fancy, that’s fine. But spending money buying clothes that were made using the blood of the workers? No. We should do whatever we can to stop that.

Buy 1 instead of 5.

Support worker’s rights for others’ good and for your own good.

Appreciate a product that it expensive, but the person who made it had at least a decent salary and good working conditions.

Buy from locals.


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