Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted here, -sorry about that, life happened- but I came back with this beautiful patchwork bag that I made for whom? MYSELF OF COURSE.

Because I’m worth it

So I gathered scraps of fabric (old clothes that I tore apart to be honest), cut them into squared pieces (10x10cm) and started putting them together. I designed the pattern (well I just drew a kind of a rounded rectangle and a long strap of 5x230cm. I also made two interior pockets for my phone and wallet. For the lining, I used an old sheet (that I tore apart) and some black fabric. I topstitched the squares with a thick, reddish thread.

This project was nothing special, I just wanted to do it because I needed a crossed body bag and, a way to deal with my anxiety. Also, I bought a new pedal for my sewing machine so I wanted to test it. 😀



Let me know what you think!