Hello everyone!

This morning I finished the Ip Man costume that I was working on. I made this for my Kung Fu teacher. Ι have also made a Kung Fu costume for me, you can check it out at my Facebook page.

This garment was a bit different to make. It took me more time to design it and my fabric was thick so It wasn’t always easy to sew. My thread kept breaking, but thankfully my needle didn’t. I placed the fabric on the floor and marked the pattern pieces. Because the front piece, isn’t symmetrical I didn’t place it in the folded edge, but on the other side and cut only 1 layer. Be careful when you have a pattern like that to not cut your fabric.




At the sides of the garment, I made a Flat-Fell Seam (I think it’s called that way). To do that you first need to sew WRONG sides together.


Trim the seam allowance on one side (I chose the left one).


Place the wide side on top of the trimmed one and press.


Fold the rough edges inside under and pin.


And sew. This is it! It gives a really nice line to your garment and makes it more resistant.


I made a regular seam and hem on the shoulders because it is a martial arts’ costume and because the fabric is thick it wouldn’t look very nice to make a Flat-Fell Seam there.


As you can see, the pattern of the costume is pretty much a rectagle with shoulders less dropped than usual garments. I made it that way to achieve a more traditional chinese look.


Anyway, I attached the sleeves and the collar.

I sewed the white parts and put on the buttonhole knots that I made.


I don’t have a male mannequin so I just put it on my female one 😛

I really enjoyed making this costume! I prefer doing costumes that Ready-to-Wear, but the last ones are more useful and help me keep doing my hobby.

What do you guys think? Should I try more costumes? What do you think of my Ip Man costume?

Let me know!

See you all,