Hello again and excuse me for the late post!

Among other projects that I had going on these past few days, I made this beautiful, elegant and reaaaally soft knit jacket for my best friend. She wanted it to be long and also with a big elvish hood. So I did my best to give her what she asked for!

Anyway, I am posting photos of the process, it is a very basic process, some parts didn’t even need hemming! And a quick one also, except the part of the pockets that really took me a lot of time and effort to achieve a nice look.

You can DIY your desired pattern by picking a t-shirt that fits well, extend the bottom (if you want to). For the sleeve part, you can either pick an old t-shirt and cut it closely to the seamlines and use it as your pattern, or simply draw a rectangle and at the end draw a ying-yang type of “S”. You can also make a kimono kind of sleeve by simply drawing a rectangle!

Basic Sleeves: http://overtherainbowyarn.com/6-sleeve-lines-for-hand-knitters/


Here I tried some stitch adjustments. I always do that, especially when I have to sew a fabric that I haven’t sewn before


I used a triple stitch (stretch stitch) and a slighltly zigzag stitch for the parts that don’t need so much stretch (for example, the hood, it is already big, but even if it wasn’t, no one usually stretches a hood.)



I really like that natural “curl” of my fabric so I didn’t hem the end of the sleeves.



But, I didn’t like the front “curl” because instead of going inside-out, it went the opposite way. So I hemmed the front pieces. I didn’t add buttons or a zipper because my friend didn’t want any


I put on the sleeves.


Ι put together the 3 parts of the hood and attached it to the body.


I made two pockets.


I hemmed the bottom.


And done!



I didn’t have the chance to take a photo of my friend wearing it, as I was sick, but I will some time soon and post it on my Facebook and Instagram pages!

Tell me what you think!

See you all soon! -Fotini