Hello everyone! I’m back.

This weekend I was working on a dress which I was asked by a close friend to make, for her sister. She gave me her measurements and I started designing the pattern immediately.

The pattern is available on the bottom of the post, if you are interested.

I used a burgundy elastic velvet fabric that is a total a pain in the ass to work with. It slips, it stretches, it makes your room messy and it’s extremely delicate. You cannot rip seams in this one because it is going to be very visible and there is nothing you can do to fix that. So anyway, I looked stuff up online, read articles on how to handle this little troublemaker and the most important things I kept are these:

  1. baste
  2. use stretch stitch, and
  3. use silk thread.

I couldn’t find silk thread, so I used polyester (good quality though).

Anyway, I cut the pattern pieces and started putting them together and basting in order to achieve a DECENT stitch. I started by pinning the two back pieces together.


Then I pinned the sleeves and made a notch to point out the middle top.


I placed the front piece on my desk to place the strap I used as a belt to get a better shape.



I pinned and basted.


I tried a couple of different sewing machine settings to get the best matching stitch for my fabric. I used the following settings and needle.


I stitched the back pieces together and then the straps on the bottom pieces.



I cut out the fabric pieces that didn’t match the back and front pieces.


I hemmed some edges using a zig zag stitch.


I hemmed the neckline as seen below.


At this point If you are using an elastic fabric it is better to use an interfacing tape around the neckline to make it steadier.


Then I took the circle skirt piece and marked the middle with a pin, and tried to attach the middle to the back middle seamline.



I started pinning that bottom piece to the top piece and marked where I needed to stitch the skirt.


I stitched, hemmed and cut off the excess fabric.


This is how it looked so far. Pretty nice, isn’t it?


Then I pinned the inner top of the sleeve and started attaching it to the bodice.



I stitched, hemmed and cut off the excess fabric.


Then I hemmed the bottom of the sleeve and stitched and hemmed untill the end.



Then I started hemming the bottom of my circle piece. It took me a lot of time.


And ta-dah! Here it is finished!

This is it from me, tell me what you think! I would love to hear back from anyone who tries this or any of my little sewing adventures 🙂


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PS 2: Bellow is the pattern, as promised.

PATTERN: print and tape together to get the pattern (paper size: A4)