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March 2017

Long Hooded Knit Jacket

Hello again and excuse me for the late post! Among other projects that I had going on these past few days, I made this beautiful, elegant and reaaaally soft knit jacket for my best friend. She wanted it to be... Continue Reading →


Beginner’s Tutorial: Fabric Basket

Hello again! Going through some frustrating cold or flu at the moment, I thought it was a good time to make something easy and quick, a beginner's project for those of you who are interested in learning how to sew!... Continue Reading →

Velvet Dress: Tutorial & Pattern

Hello everyone! I'm back. This weekend I was working on a dress which I was asked by a close friend to make, for her sister. She gave me her measurements and I started designing the pattern immediately. The pattern is available on... Continue Reading →

DIY Wallet

Hello people! I was asked by a friend to make a custom wallet with an elephant applique on the outside. I saw various DIY wallets and I ended up doing this one (which also has a tutorial): Wallet Tutorial DIY Continue Reading →

Crochet Beanie and Scarf

Good evening! Today I finished these two, a crochet scarf and a matching beanie, so I thought I should share them with you guys! 🙂 I made them as a gift to my boyfriend's mom because yes, she is actually that... Continue Reading →

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