Good morning everyone!

A few days ago, I was in a town away from home, preparing for my University final exams. I went out to the grocery store to get some pretzels, and saw a package of knitting threads in really nice colours.

Since I was away from home, I didn’t have my sewing supplies with me. So I thought, hey… let’s try something different!

I picked up the threads and I started looking for a beginner’s crochet beanie  to make.

I found this really nice tutorial (although it is not for beginners), watched it through a couple of times and then started working. It took me a lot of time to figure it out, since I’ve never really done anything like this before, but I started to get the hang of it.

I started working according to the tutorial, watching the video over and over again.

Oftentimes, I made a mistake. Whether you realise it early or late, it doesn’t matter. You can just undo it a little bit and go on from any point of the process. After a while I just got absorbed by it, and everything else quietly stepped to the back of my mind, leaving me focused in the moment.

I was really satisfied with the results, and the process is incredibly stress-relieving! When I finished it, I immedeately bought another pack of thread, the second one taking a lot less time to do while the results were clearly better. I made it a little longer than the tutorial because I wanted it slightly slouchy.


So from now on, if I have to be on the road for my finals or anything else, really, I’ll make sure to bring my crocheting supplies with me!

Tell me what you think in the comments! I’d love to see your attempt at it, and hear about the relaxing effect this process has on everybody else. See you next time!