DSC_0143Hello! My name is Fotini and Bipolar Bear is my personal blog about sewing, DIY creations and art.

I am completely self-taught, I’ve been sewing for about 3 years now and my main goal, apart from turning my hobby into my profession, is to inspire people to be creative too. I am an AudioVisual Arts student also, so some of my art may appear from time to time.

I started sewing because of the passion that I have against RTW and sweatshops; I want to create a better world, and I also enjoy making my own stuff so much! From furniture to underwear!

I hate fashion and people that follow every “trend”. I like haute-couture because it is a form of art and every garment is unique-just like people.

In my blog, you will find tutorials on sewing (mostly) or anything DIY that I’ve done, articles or some of my artwork (graphic design, painting, drawing etc).

Welcome and have a nice browsing! 😀