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Παρουσίαση animatic “The Conflict”

Τον περασμένο Μάιο εφτιαξα το παρακάτω ανιμάτικ, για ένα μάθημα στη σχολή μου. Δούλεψα πολλές ώρες τη μέρα για 3-4 εβδομάδες περίπου και κατέληξα με πόνο στον αντίχειρα από την πίεση που ασκούσα στη γραφίδα. Το αποτέλεσμα όμως με αντάμειψε... Continue Reading →


Top 10 past creations

Hello again! I'm back from hibernation -  actually I spend the whole winter studying and now I am planning my summer, which involves a lot of sewing and crafting. Below I have collected a Top 10 of creations. They are... Continue Reading →

My first knit socks!

I finally managed to knit my second sock! I am really excited about these, as I was planning them for at least a month and they are finally DONE! They are pretty chunky, but as I hadn't knitted socks before,... Continue Reading →

Button Skirt DIY

I thought this skirt was going to be ready at least 3 days ago but oh well. Life happens. As I mentioned on Facebook, it took me a lot of time to make these butt(on)holes and sew the buttons. At... Continue Reading →

Sewing A Summer Top at the beginning of winter.

That is right. A had this fabric that my mother brought from Munich this summer from Karstadt, and I "owed" it to her. I started sewing this top a month ago with a different fabric (thank god it was not... Continue Reading →

The simplest beginner’s scarf

Last week I was wandering through the cold streets of Ioannina (not so cold but it is pretty cold for September), and I passed by a local yarn shop. I picked up a couple of needles and some yarn and... Continue Reading →

Just some more PNGs

Today I am presenting some more of the things that I have done as graphic design projects First and foremost, my Website Logo: A vector owl: A second poster I made for my Kung Fu teacher: A... Continue Reading →

My improvement in sewing and digital art

Hello everyone! It is almost midnight and I am going through my digital art projects. Yesterday I made a cartoon-ish portrait of my boyfriend: And I noticed that I still have a difficult time working on digital painting. However,... Continue Reading →

How I make a simple poster on Adobe Illustrator

Hello! Today I stopped my summer job and I am currently trying to plan my following winter. Studies, job, house etc. Due to working many hours a day and my work being 20-25 minutes away from home, I did... Continue Reading →

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